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When an online merchant has evolved into one of the most sophisticated online sellers – or if that is the ultimate goal – then the ultimate technology is Magento Enterprise Edition. Magento Enterprise Edition is the commercially licensed premium grade Magento product, offering enterprise-only features, guarantees and full product support. Like the Professional Edition, Magento Enterprise is offered exclusively to merchants through Magento Solution Partners, and Unleaded Software has achieved the highest level of partner status as a Magento Enterprise Partner. Unleaded is one of only a handful of companies worldwide, and the only web development firm in the West, to garner this coveted designation, based on a demonstrated track record of building custom-themed Magento online technology websites for dozens of clients.
Magento Enterprise Edition is available for an annual subscription fee, and has as its core the basic Magento functionality plus these other, more robust features:

  • Administrator Permission Roles on Website and Store Levels – Leverage Magento's multi-store functionality to create multiple sites, and with the Enterprise Edition you can restrict access roles so that staff view only the data for the stores relevant to them.
  • Gift Certificates/Cards (Physical and Virtual) – Allow customers to purchase physical (physical card mailed to recipient) and virtual (code provided via email to recipient) gift certificates/cards. Customers can include a personal message when purchasing, and recipients can use the value to purchase items as credit in the store.
  • Content Staging and Merging – Support for both on-demand and scheduled merges and rollbacks of content. Create a staging site to test new categories, product information, promotions and more. Content can be merged to the live site after approval, either on-demand or on a scheduled basis.
  • Private Sales including Events, Invitations and Category access permissions – The ability to restrict the catalog, allow customers and admin users to create invitations, and the ability to create events for limited time sales of products makes the Magento Enterprise Edition the perfect solution for Private Sales.
  • BridgeConnect – Back Office Accounting and ERP Integration – Magento Enterprise Edition's BridgeConnect module provides integration with the leading accounting and ERP packages on the market.
  • Highly Tuned Page Performance – Highly Tune Page Performance through a Full Page Caching module provides significant benefits for merchants of all sizes. The optimizations, which together with other performance-enhancing functionality already in Magento, significantly reduce page load times, increase conversions, and enhance the customer browsing experience.
  • Logging of Administrator Actions – Track and review all actions taken by administrator users, with the ability to see views, edits and deletions of information. Logs are associated to specific administrator users, with the ability to see the action taken, when it was made, and more.
  • Customer Store Credits – Store Credits can be created and tied to customer accounts, for instance orders can be refunded for store credit, and customers can use the credit to purchase items during checkout.
  • Category View and Purchase permissions per on customer group (limited catalog access) – Restrict the catalog access to certain customers with the ability to restrict on a category, or global basis, the viewing and purchasing of items.
  • Strong Data Encryption – Additional encryption and security standards in the Enterprise Edition to support PA-DSS standards ensure that Magento is a fully secure solution.
  • CMS+, Enhanced Content Management System – Content and Commerce often go hand in hand and Magento's CMS+ system provides you with comprehensive functionality to build complex content pages.
  • Reward Points System – Reward Points functionality allows an online merchant to implement unique programs designed to enhance user experience and increase customer loyalty. Points are awarded based on wide range of transactions and customer actions and easily managed through the back end.
  • Automated Email Marketing Reminders – The Automated Email Marketing Reminder module enables merchants to increase customer retention through sending configurable, automated email reminders to customers for abandoned shopping carts and wish lists. This enables merchants to target promotions and discounts to customers based on browsing activity.
  • Search with Solr (alternative search engine) – The addition of Solr as an alternative search engine to the standard Magento search, provides merchants with options on site-search and brings enhancements to the speed, quality and relevancy of search results provided to customers.
  • Assisted Shopping – Customer Service Representatives and other admin users are able to manage products and coupons in customers’ shopping carts and wish lists from the Customer account screen in the administrator panel.
  • Order Archiving – Increase store performance and provide efficiencies in store management through a new order archiving module, enabling merchants to archive orders after a configurable time. Orders are still available to both administrator users and customers, while providing increased performance through storing historical orders in an archive.
  • Magento Enterprise Edition is continually updated, now in Version 1.8, and is fully supported and warranted throughout the term of subscription. Unleaded Software, as a Magento Enterprise Partner, remains on the front lines of Magento development and keeps its Magento customers fully up-to-date with the latest additions and developments.

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