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Product customizations are by nature unique to each retailer, and therefore each web solution addressing them also needs to be custom designed to fully integrate and seamlessly display all of the custom features available. Magento is feature rich with customization available in Custom Design, Custom Options, Magento Theme Customization, Magento Templates Customization and Magento Custom Layout—the customization that nets a site that is distinctively your brand, look and feel as well as containing all the functionality you desire from your punch list.

For instance, if you sell a line of custom-made dress shirts with several choices of fabric, color, collars, cuffs, plackets and pleats, your ability to excite the buyer would greatly enhance the sales experience. With a custom dynamic Flash Control built into the shopping module, the customer could view the shirt with each alternative displayed to help them make the right choices. Product customization would anticipate each and every offered alternative and instantly display the visual and text language as the shopping changes and progresses. Once the customer gets to check-out, the very shirt they built and ordered would be displayed in their shopping cart.

Millions of people have turned to the web as a convenient shopping alternative that brings the marketplace of the entire world to their fingertips in an instant, relieving them of time-consuming trips to the mall only to find the required item is out of stock. Even such traditional retailers as Wal-Mart enhance their online shopping cart technology with millions of items not typically offered in their stores – an obvious nod to the power of the Internet as a shopping Mecca.

And online shopping is particularly suited to items requiring product customization – monogrammed or logoed items, custom apparel, specific color choices to match corporate identity themes, cars with an array of optional interiors and features, and much more. The web gives online merchants the ability to offer a host of product enhancements, customizations and alternatives that would be impossible in a physical store location.

Magento is widely hailed as the most versatile and dynamic online shopping cart technology on the market today. Magento is now available in three versions – the Community Edition for standard online merchant applications, the Professional Edition for merchants needing more functionality and support, and the Enterprise Edition for the most robust and high-traffic shopping sites. Magento is based on an open-source e-commerce solution and is capable of handling online merchandizing from product display and selection, through checkout, billing, shipping to multiple addresses, languages, currencies and more.  Magento has been incorporated by many of the web’s most high-profile merchants worldwide due to its ease of operation for site visitors/shoppers and its wealth of administration and reporting tools for merchants to track sales, purchase histories and inventories, plus marketing applications for cross-selling and up-selling product.

Unleaded Software has designed and developed a number of sophisticated and intuitive interfaces with Magento that anticipate the shopper’s every move, ensuring your custom products are offered in an easy-to-use, fully functional and fun shopping experience that will enhance your sales and build your brand reputation.

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