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Magento Extension Development

Magento Extension Development allow you to inject functionality throughout the site—from static blocks to a shipping/payment module or large module to integrate a 3rd party system or multiple systems. Unleaded’s Magento team has built hundreds of sites using extensions to most fully customize any online retail operation. The three types of extensions are: Modules, Interface, and Themes.

Basically extensions extend the functionality of Magento while strict terms and conditions prohibit extensions from modifying the core Magento code. That safety features ensures that any extended functionality doesn‘t prohibit you from upgrading when a new version of Magento is released.

Perhaps the primary reason Magento has gained such global popularity is its user-friendly designs that inherently increase ROI. The endless extensions—Magento launches new extensions nearly monthly—are used to customize your online retail presence to make the ultimate shopping experience for your clients with extraordinary functionality.

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