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Now the iPhone App can be fully integrated with your Magento store, no matter what version you’re using. Magento Mobile makes it easy for Magento merchants to create customizable, native storefront apps for the iPhone, with support for the Android and iPad coming in late 2010.

Large online eCommerce players drive billions of dollars in sales through their native mobile applications. Native apps also have great features for brands to build relationships with customers.

Magento has always been at the forefront of positioning our community for success, and building a mobile product was the logical next step in order to help our 60,000+ stay ahead of the curve. The mobile app is compatible with Community Edition 1.3 and higher, Enterprise Edition 1.6 and higher, and Professional Edition 1.8 and higher.

Magento Mobile is designed to dramatically reduce the costs to deploy a native commerce storefront. License costs are $799 start-up fee pls $699 annual maintenance fee (or pay $69/month).

Magento manages the iTunes submission and ongoing iPhone code maintenance for you. Once you submit your app to Magento, the timeline is subject to the iTunes app-store approval process, which can be between 2-5 weeks. Included in the current product is an admin panel to customize and configure your mobile storefront, as well as the ability to submit your iPhone app to the iTunes App Store directly from within the Magento admin.

Best of all, anything under the "Design" tab in the Magento-Mobile admin can be updated even after your app is live, and users can view your changes without needing to install an update. Changes to the core app file (app icon, name, description, etc.) will warrant a resubmission.

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